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UMP “Launches” Open Access Book Program

by Charles Watkinson October 21, 2017

[This post is written by Charles Watkinson, Director, University of Michigan Press and Mary Francis, Editorial Director, University of Michigan Press] University of Michigan Press has published details of our Open Access books program. You can see a link to it on the front page of our website and also a link that shows all the OA books that we are publishing and have published listed (over 1,100 books and counting). As the quote marks in the title suggest, there is an element of clickbait to the title of this post since University of Michigan Press has been making our books open access for […]

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University of Michigan Press’s Accessible Publishing Initiative

by Jonathan McGlone December 4, 2015

[On behalf of the University of Michigan Press E-Book Accessibility Task Force] Recently the University of Michigan Press publicly endorsed the accessible publishing guidelines outlined by the Society for Disability Studies. These guidelines encourage publishers to ensure that accessibility is “built in” to new titles—that accessible file formats, text descriptions of multimedia, and available alternate versions are standard products of the publishing process. The Press strongly believes in this universal design approach, and since June 2015 have been working behind the scenes to support these guidelines. This work is part of a longer history at the Press, and a big […]

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“Ethical Programs” is the focus of a digital book club next week!

by Sam Killian October 15, 2015

In honor of Open Access Week, October 18 through 25, the University of Texas at Austin’s Digital Writing and Research Lab (DWRL) will lead a collaborative annotation of James Brown’s new book Ethical Programs: Hospitality and the Rhetorics of Software using is a free and open source software that allows for annotation, sentence-level critique, and note-taking on Web documents. Guided by DWRL alumnus Dr. Jeremy Dean, Director of Education at, the annotation event will open up a conversation about software, rhetoric, and networked life. Brown’s Ethical Programs is part of Digital Culture Books, an imprint of the University of […]

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Employment Opportunity: Acquisitions Editor

by Meredith Kahn October 28, 2013

Michigan Publishing seeks a talented and creative acquisitions editor for the University of Michigan Press, specializing in interdisciplinary humanities, who will report to the Editorial Director and be responsible for acquiring and developing major scholarly titles. This editor should demonstrate knowledge and competence in traditional academic publishing while at the same time possessing the flexibility and desire to work with other Michigan Publishing imprints. Fields of preferred expertise include cultural studies, digital culture, and history. To see the full position description and apply, see the UM Jobs site, posting # 88460.

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From the Vault: Spinal Tapping Press Material Culture

by Mikala Carpenter July 29, 2013

Our “From the Vault” posts allow you to take a peek into the history of the Press, where you can rediscover past authors, projects, editors, awards, and more that led to the development of the university publisher that the Press is today. This window into our past spotlights backlist or out-of-print titles and series and also recommends and contextualizes them with similar current and forthcoming titles. Explore the drawers of the Vault with our intern, Mikala Carpenter, as we uncover the hidden treasures that await us in the archives of the University of Michigan Press. If you spend enough time […]

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