Doris Lessing

Gayle Greene on Doris Lessing

by Meredith Kahn December 4, 2013

Gayle Greene, author of Doris Lessing: The Poetics of Change, recently wrote about the impact of Doris Lessing’s work for Ms. Magazine’s blog: It would be difficult to overstate the impact The Golden Notebook had on women of my generation, the direct and immediate identification we felt with it, the thrill of recognition. Here was a protagonist struggling with commitments to herself, her work, a child, relationships, political activism, “living the kind of life women never lived before.” Protagonist Anna Wulf describes herself as “the position of women in our time,” and for many of us this was no exaggeration. — Gayle […]

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On the Passing of Doris Lessing

by Meredith Kahn November 20, 2013

Nobel Prize winner Doris Lessing died this week at home in London. Gayle Greene’s Doris Lessing: The Poetics of Change, published by the U-M Press in 1995, continues to be an important source for the study of Lessing’s work and impact. Describing her as “quite simply the most extraordinary woman writer of our time,” Greene seeks to explain the seemingly irreconcilable differences of genre and philosophical orientation present in Lessing’s long career by drawing attention to the constancy of “change” and a search for “something new” in both her fiction and autobiographical works. On the continuing importance of Lessing’s work for future readers […]

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