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U-M Press Award Winning Books for 2017

by Charles Watkinson January 4, 2018

Awards serve as a third party validation for the merit of scholarship and production value of the books that the University of Michigan Press creates. Awards bring recognition and prestige to our authors, our exemplary books, our Press, the U-M Library, and our parent institution. The University’s brand of excellence is reinforced everytime a U-M Press title is acknowledged. U-M Press books are routinely nominated and win prestigious awards and are held in high regard within our scholarly community. A sample of recent awards are listed below. A full list of the more than 200 award-winning titles may be found […]

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Inside Higher Ed on ‘Available Surfaces’

by Brianne Johnson December 14, 2012

John Griswold, writing under the pen name of Oronte Churm in his blog on Inside Higher Ed, begins his review of Available Surfaces: Essays on Poesis, T. R. Hummer’s recently released collection, by considering how he might want to pass time spent on a desert isle: “One of my own wishes might be to read through the entire Poets on Poetry series from The University of Michigan Press.” We can’t argue with that! Griswold goes on to state that “Hummer’s ability to create turns of phrase and images makes every piece in the collection interesting,” and says “The whole is…entertaining and meaningful.” […]

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Inside Higher Ed piece by ‘Mad at School’ author is on scholarly job hunt for those with mental disabilities

by University of Michigan Press February 15, 2011

Margaret Price, author of Mad at School: Rhetorics of Mental Disability and Academic Life, recently had a piece in Inside Higher Ed on how difficult the academic job search process can be for those with mental disabilities and how it might become more accessible. “If this system were revised to become more accessible for academics with mental disabilities, all members of the academic world would benefit,” she wrote. “A few relatively simple changes would have dramatic impact.” The full article is available online. Price has been in the news recently, with a story about her work appearing in the Chronicle […]

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New Journal of Electronic Publishing issue edited by UM Press director lays out the digital future of university presses

by University of Michigan Press November 23, 2010

University presses will have to collaborate more instead of competing, must employ digital processes and digital distribution throughout the publishing cycle, may produce interactive digital products that look nothing like books, and will have to engage closely with many more venues both within their home institution and beyond than they have in the past if they want to survive, according to the November issue of the Journal of Electronic Publishing, available today at The issue is organized around the theme of “Reimagining the University Press” and guest edited by Phil Pochoda, Director of the University of Michigan Press. “In […]

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Struggling with research? You’re not the only one…

by kris bishop November 18, 2009

In Research Confidential: Solutions to Problems Most Social Scientists Pretend They Never Have, Eszter Hargittai explores the frustration, uncertainty, and challenges that many social scientists face in the course of their research. The collection of essays aims to fill the notable gap in the existing literature on research methods in the social sciences. While the methods literature is extensive, rarely do authors discuss the practical issues and challenges they routinely confront in the course of their research projects. As a result, each new cohort is forced to reinvent the wheel, making mistakes that previous generations have already confronted and resolved. Research […]

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