Vox Populi: Patrick James in Dialogue with Sean Astin

by Phillip Witteveen August 4, 2014

The T radio V network is exactly what the order of words might suggest: radio in TV. (This is actually their subtitle.) In the case of T radio V’s Vox Populi, it’s the video record of Lord of the Rings actor Sean Astin hosting pundits to talk about current events, and the histories leading up to them. Or, as Astin puts it himself, to “model civil discourse.” On June 19th, he was joined by Professor Patrick James, who made a gift of his recent book The International Relations of Middle Earth to Astin, the erstwhile Samwise Gamgee, with the brief, satisfying aplomb of two little pieces of […]

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Janine Davidson speaks at CATO’s Book Forum

by Phillip Witteveen March 29, 2013

Marking the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, Hayek Auditorium of the CATO institute hosted a panel discussing Fred Kaplan’s new book, The Insurgents: David Petraeus and the Plot to Change the American Way of War.  The book is the story of revolutionary changes to the practice defense and foreign policy, in order to respond to a new kind of insurgent warfare that was springing up across the globe, in Bosnia, Somalia, and Haiti – and eventually, Afghanistan and Iraq. The protocols and field manuals that sprang up during this time that all fell under what became referred to […]

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Janine Davidson listed as one of Chronicle’s ‘Academics Who Influence Barack Obama’

by Shaun Manning October 25, 2012

The Chronicle of Higher Education has released a list, with short biographies, of academics who influence the 2012 presidential candidates, President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. Press author Janine A. Davidson appears on the Obama side as influential in Foreign Policy and National Security; her book, Lifting the Fog of Peace: How Americans Learned to Fight Modern War, examined how our military adapted to new forms of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Dan Rather interviews ‘Baghdad Bulletin’ author David Enders on the Syrian crisis

by Shaun Manning July 5, 2012

David Enders, author of Baghdad Bulletin and the forthcoming Death of a Nation, appeared on Dan Rather Reports Tuesday evening to discuss the ongoing conflict in Syria between forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad and opposition forces seeking to drive his regime from power. After showing Enders’ devastating footage from villages decimated by the brutality of Assad’s armies, Rather spoke with Enders about his experiences in the country. Enders, a journalist with considerable experience in the Middle East, had once been granted a visa during a period when the Syrian government was attempting to mend ties with international organizations, but […]

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Christian S. Davis offers a past and present look at military actions abroad

by Emily February 23, 2012

Guest blogger Christian S. Davis is the author of Colonialism, Antisemitism, and Germans of Jewish Descent in Imperial Germany, available now from the University of Michigan Press. In his book, Davis explores the relationship between the colonial and antisemitic movements of modern Germany from 1871 to 1918. Here, he discusses the unease he felt when comparing his research to current events that were unfolding as he was writing. The spring of 2004 was a disheartening time to read a newspaper or to watch the news on TV; beginning in April, revelations concerning the torture of Iraqi prisoners by U.S. military […]

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