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If your body craves more ‘Gulp,’ an ‘Open Wound’ may satisfy

by Shaun Manning May 10, 2013

Mary Roach, dubbed “America’s funniest science writer” by the Washington Post, has fans hungry for more weird stories of the body’s inner working with her latest book Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal. Roach, who provided a blurb for Jason Karlawish’s Open Wound, also gives a shout to that book in Gulp itself, calling Open Wound “a fine and sleuthily researched historical novel.” Roach notes that, while Dr. William Beaumont’s thoughts on his experiments upon Alexis St. Martin are well-documented thanks to the doctor’s journals, St. Martin’s initial response to the “unusual proposition” of having his bullet wound used as a window […]

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Win a copy of Jason Karlawish’s ‘Open Wound’ in paperback!

by Shaun Manning May 8, 2013

To celebrate the paperback release of Jason Karlawish’s historical novel Open Wound: The Tragic Obsession of Dr. William Beaumont, we’re giving away three copies to lucky readers on the social reading site Goodreads!   Goodreads Book Giveaway Open Wound by Jason Karlawish Giveaway ends May 17, 2013. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter to win   Dr. Karlawish’s novel gets to the heart of the strange relationship between Dr. William Beaumont and Northern Michigan fur trader Alexis St. Martin, who, after a shotgun misfires, bears a hole in his stomach which never quite heals over.  Beaumont takes the opportunity […]

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Jason Karlawish reads from ‘Open Wound’

by Phillip Witteveen October 16, 2012

The Indiana University School of Medicine is now featuring a recording of Jason Karlawish reading his book: Open Wound: The Tragic Obsession of Dr. William Beaumont.  This historical novel follows the story of a 19th century doctor in Northern Michigan, and the lengths he is willing to go to for success and recognition.  

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Jason Karlawish discusses the history behind ‘Open Wound’ on NPR

by Shaun Manning August 13, 2012

Jason Karlawish, whose 2011 novel Open Wound: The Tragic Obsession of Dr. William Beaumont tells a fictionalized story of Dr. Beaumont’s experiments upon gutshot fur trapper Alexis St. Martin on Mackinac Island in 1822, spoke with Michigan Writers On Air’s Aaron Stander for Interlochen Public Radio. Though the island is now famous for its Victorian aesthetic and delicious fudge, Karlawish said that in Beaumont’s day things were quite different. “Imagine that fort dominating the place, and the island a cosmopolis of trade. … Essentially, the Army’s job at that time was to keep the island functioning for the American Fur Company,” […]

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WSJ Marketplace Praises ‘Open Wound’

by Shaun Manning December 20, 2011

Marketwatch, part of the Wall Street Journal family of web sites, featured Jason Karlawish’s Open Wound as the only fiction title on its list of “Health Books That Get Your Blood Pumping.” “Health care is likely to resurface next year as a major topic ahead of the presidential election,” the article begins. “A handful of books published this year seek to challenge or explain how our standards of medical care in the U.S. have emerged.” Listing Open Wound among several recent non-fiction books, reviewer Kristen Gerencher says of Karlawish’s book, “In this historical novel, [Beaumont and St. Martin] become entwined […]

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