Q&A with Amy Kenyon, author of Ford Road

by Emily July 27, 2012

Ford Road, a new Michigan-based novel by historian Amy Kenyon, tells the story of Kay Seger, a historical consultant to a Los Angeles film company who abandons her career to return to her childhood home in Michigan after the death of her mother. There, Kay rekindles a teenage love affair with Joe Chase, now a Vietnam War veteran and Ford auto worker, and begins an investigation of her family’s past that transports readers to Detroit at the dawn of the automotive age and Michigan’s rural western counties after the settlement of the frontier. In this Q&A, Kenyon, who was born in Dearborn, […]

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Guest blog: Michigan Notable Book Award winner Sara Fitzgerald celebrates “the magic of libraries”

by Emily April 27, 2012

Tomorrow evening the Library of Michigan will host the “Night for Notables,” an event honoring the authors of this year’s Michigan Notable Books. Here, Sara Fitzgerald, author of Elly Peterson: “Mother” of the Moderates, a Michigan Notable Book of 2012, reflects on the value of libraries. This week, I’m preparing to head back to Michigan for the Library of Michigan’s Night for Notables, recognizing the authors of the 20 books that were recognized as Michigan Notable Books of 2012. Through the Library of Michigan Foundation, support is also provided for the authors to make appearances at libraries around the state. […]

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British Press Adores ‘First Actresses’ Exhibition

by Shaun Manning November 22, 2011

The First Actresses, an exhibition at London’s National Portrait Gallery celebrating the first women to take to the stage in Britain following the Restoration in 1660, has set tongues wagging in the major UK newspapers. Focusing largely on two portraits of Nell Gwynn, an actress and mistress of King Charles II, The Times, The Sunday Times, and The Daily Telegraph have all weighed in with praise for the exhibition. From The Times (subscription required): From Lely to Lawrence, the leading artists of the day took them into their studios, the singers and dancers as well as the actresses, there to […]

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The Times Weighs in on Reverend Billy

by Shaun Manning November 15, 2011

Coinciding with his appearances at Occupy London events, The Times (UK) has recently featured University of Michigan Press author Bill Talen–best known in his Reverend Billy persona–twice within its pages. In the first, occasioned by the reviewer receiving The Reverend Billy Project: From Rehearsal Hall to Super Mall with the Church of Life After Shopping just at the moment when November 5–Guy Fawkes Night–took on the new significance of Bank Transfer Day, The Times’ Erica Wagner said (subscription required): Listening to the Archbishop of Canterbury speak about the protest made me wonder what the Rev would say. … Too few […]

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Ruby Cohn, renowned theater and Beckett scholar and UM Press author, dies at 89

by University of Michigan Press October 25, 2011

Ruby Cohn, renowned theater scholar and specialist on the work of Samuel Beckett, died in Oakland, California on October 18 at the age of 89. Cohn was the author of many influential books, including A Beckett Canon, published by the University of Michigan Press in 2001. The obituary below is excerpted from a longer version by her former student Elin Diamond, Professor of English at Rutgers University. See the New York Times obit here. Ruby Cohn was Professor of Comparative Drama at the University of California, Davis where, for thirty years, she was a member of the Comparative Literature, Theater, […]

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