Aldama Announced as Milwaukee Film Festival Keynote Speaker

by Phillip Witteveen September 11, 2014

Frederick Luis Aldama will give the keynote speech at the Milwaukee Film Festival, which runs September 25 – October 9. The festival spotlights a different country each year as part of its “Passport” program, and this year will feature eight films set in Mexico, including seven by Mexican filmmakers. Aldama has written extensively on Latino pop culture, reviewing its influences—not only in film, but also from Latinos in comic books, poetry, and NFL football. Aldama is co-author of !Muy Pop! (with Ilan Stavans); and most recently, author of Mex-Ciné. “The prodigious Aldama has done it again,” writes Richard Gordon in response […]

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‘Mex-Ciné’ author Frederick Aldama discusses new Latino superhero with Fox News

by Shaun Manning February 25, 2013

Frederick Aldama, whose book Mex-Ciné: Mexican Filmmaking, Production, and Consumption in the Twenty-first Century will be published in April, spoke with Fox News Latino about the debut of DC Comics’ newest Latino superhero, code named Vibe. While the original Vibe, introduced in early 1980s, was widely derided as a poor stereotype–he is one of the few heroes in comics to be killed but not return to life–Aldama told Fox that the new version of the character is considerably more realistic. “Artwise it’s amazing. His skin color is dark and they didn’t just give him Caucasian features. He looks and speaks like […]

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Local Attention for Ilan Stavans’ “El Illuminado”

by Phillip Witteveen November 28, 2012

Ilan Stavans, author of A Critic’s Journey, was featured in the ABQ Journal for his most recent project, a graphic novel called El Illuminado, which the paper describes as  “a mystery set amid the Crypto-Jews of New Mexico.” Professor Stavans, author and literary critic, chose this interesting subject because of a “personal and professional interest … as well as his desire to marry history with imagination.”

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A catalog sure to put a spring in your step

by Brianne Johnson November 19, 2012

We have yet to experience our first official snow of the season (in fact, it’s a balmy fifty-five degrees right now in Ann Arbor), but at the University of Michigan Press we’re already looking forward to Spring, thanks to our just-released Spring 2013 e-Catalog.

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Guest blog: Sara Fitzgerald on Elly Peterson becoming the first woman to address a Republican National Convention on prime-time TV in 1964

by Emily August 29, 2012

Sara Fitzgerald is the author of Elly Peterson: “Mother” of the Moderates, an award-winning biography of a woman who broke gender barriers in the Republican party—and later threw her support to a Democrat. Forty-eight years ago this summer, Elly Peterson became the first woman to address a Republican National Convention on prime-time television. It was a far different political climate for women back then. While a record number of women—230 of the 1,300 delegates—were seated and women achieved parity on convention committees for the first time since the party set that goal in 1940, women still were rarely called on to […]

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