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Rolf Peterson on the Environment Report

by Phillip Witteveen May 3, 2013

Rolf Peterson, author of The Wolves of Isle Royale, was  a guest contributor on Michigan Radio earlier this month. The Environment Report turned its attention to Isle Royale National Park, which experienced its first year without any new wolf cubs in the 55 years researchers have been studying this ecosystem. There are, in fact, only 8 wolves left on the island. “If it keeps going,” says Peterson, “that’ll be the end of them. It may just be a temporary thing, but the writing is on the wall in terms of genetic viability.” The halt in reproduction is due to the fact […]

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Sleeping Bear Dunes named America’s ‘most beautiful place;’ UM Press author responds

by University of Michigan Press August 23, 2011

George Weeks is author of Sleeping Bear: Yesterday and Today. He writes: A national Web site survey by ABC-TV’s Good Morning America show recently declared Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore the “Most Beautiful Place in America.” Its nearly 100,000 votes edged out Cape Cod in Massachusetts and other places in California, Colorado, Arizona and elsewhere. The story was later picked up by the Detroit Free Press and Detroit News. National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis said, “It’s great that a park… a little off the beaten track in northern Michigan, is being recognized for its exceptional beauty.” Beyond the sweeping […]

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Author Bonnie Nardi writes A Brief Lesson in American History, or Why ‘World of Warcraft’ Matters

by University of Michigan Press December 23, 2010

[Editor’s note: U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, R-Oklahoma, recently singled out the research of Bonnie Nardi, author of the new book My Life as a Night Elf Priest: An Anthropological Account of World of Warcraft, in his “Wastebook 2010: A Guide to Some of the Most Wasteful Government Spending of 2010” report. The book is based on Nardi’s research on the social culture of online gaming, as paid for by a National Science Foundation grant. Her response follows.] Many readers are probably too young too remember Senator William Proxmire. I am sorry to say he served in the US Senate from […]

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