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Sheryl James Featured on “Stateside”

by Phillip Witteveen May 20, 2013

Sheryl James was a guest on Michigan Radio’s Stateside to discuss her new book Michigan Legends: Folktales and Lore from the Great Lakes State. James, a former journalist, comprehensively researched Michigan’s folk traditions from archives and storytellers to gain a full understanding of the fact and fiction of the state’s mythology. “There’s a huge range of total fantasy, as well as pretty historical kinds of things,” said James. One famous story is of the Nain Rouge, “this little red, impish creature that has been known to appear right before Detroit’s greatest tragedies.” This character has persisted in the city’s cultural memory, […]

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Q&A with Sheryl James, author of ‘Michigan Legends’

by Emily May 1, 2013

Sheryl James is the author of the newly released Michigan Legends: Folktales and Lore from the Great Lakes State. Here, she discusses why Michigan is a particularly rich region for legends to spring up, how she conducted her research for the book, and more. The University of Michigan Press: How did you approach your research for this book, and did your research take you to any interesting places? Sheryl James: My research had to be original, or close to it – in other words, with few exceptions, I was accessing very old books and source material. Older Detroit books I found at […]

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Eastern Michigan University saves historical markers; UMP book shows what’s at stake

by Heather Newman June 3, 2010

The Michigan Historical Marker Program appeared doomed after budget cuts dictated the end of its $50,000 annual budget. That is, until Eastern Michigan University stepped in this spring and volunteered to have its graduate students do the fact checking and writing of the summaries that appear on the signs, which are paid for by local communities. The Detroit News and multiple other sources reported the change, noting that the program receives 20-30 requests annually, and that the Michigan History Foundation will serve as the administrative agency. Laura Rose Ashlee is the editor of Traveling Through Time: A Guide to Michigan’s […]

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Republican Heroes: The Racial Breakdown

by kris bishop November 3, 2009

Below: “Republican Heroes,” from the Republican National Committee Site Of the Republican Heroes posted: 8 out of 18 are identified as African American men 5 out of 18 are white men 1 is identified as a Latino man 4 out of 18 are white women 0 out of 18 are identified as Latino women 0 out of 18 are identified as African American women 0 out of 18 are identified as Asian American 0 out of 18 are identified as Native American Want to know more? Check out Race, Republicans, and the Return of the Party of Lincoln, by Tasha […]

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