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New York Times columnist David Carr passes away

by Shaun Manning February 13, 2015

The media world mourns the passing of David Carr, the forward-thinking media columnist at the New York Times. Carr, 58, died Thursday evening after collapsing in the Times newsroom. Shortly before his unexpected death, Carr moderated a panel at the New School on Citizenfour with director Laura Poitras, journalist Glenn Greenwald, and whistleblower Edward Snowden. Video of the discussion is available at the Times’ TimesTalks site. Carr established himself as a respected and thoughtful culture writer and media analyst, and was “an early evangelist” for social media, according to his Times obituary. His weekly Media Equation column was an especially valuable resource for […]

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Ellen Handler Spitz Reviews Children’s Literature

by Phillip Witteveen May 15, 2014

“Almost entirely absent from elementary school curricula, rarely chosen as bedtime reading by parents, poetry—formerly a joyful accouterment of youth, an inexhaustible gift—seems forgotten,” writes Press author Ellen Handler Spitz in this week’s New York Times’ Sunday Book Review. “Yet poetry and children belong together.” Spitz’s review centers on two children’s books that “strive to create, by very different means and with different results, a sense of the poet Emily Dickinson as a person.” In this, and other published criticism, she returns to the relationship between aesthetics and psychology, especially in youth cultures. For Spitz, a scene in a painting […]

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Ellen Handler Spitz reviews picture books for New York Times

by Shaun Manning August 30, 2012

Ellen Handler Spitz, author of Illuminating Childhood: Portraits in Fiction, Film, and Drama, reviewed three new children’s picture books for the New York Times this past weekend, notably Bruce Degen’s I Gotta Draw along with Dog Loves Drawing by Louise Yates and Rocket Writes a Story by Tad Hill. Dr. Spitz’ review discusses how each book examines kids’ creative impulse, especially drawing, and how parents and educators might take these picture books’ lessons to heart. “By paying attention to what one child needs and does, a conventional teacher can step out of her habitual mode and invent ways both to accommodate that child […]

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Duderstadt Weighs In as New York Times Debate Over College Sports Continues

by Shaun Manning January 23, 2012

Sunday’s New York Times featured an article titled “How Big-Time Sports Ate College Life,” which examines long-simmering issues of commercialization in college sports–a topic the paper recently reignited with two controversial opinion pieces by columnist Joe Nocera. This time, education writer Laura Pappano compared prestigious universities’ academic renown with those same universities’ famous football and basketball teams. “Ohio State boasts 17 members of the National Academy of Arts and Sciences, three Nobel laureates, eight Pulitzer Prize winners, 35 Guggenheim Fellows and a MacArthur winner,” Pappano writes. “But sports rule.” She also discusses how the extraordinary popularity of sports leads to […]

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Duderstadt comments on NY Times college sports op-ed

by Shaun Manning January 12, 2012

New York Times columnist Joe Nocera sparked no small amount of controversy with his January 1 opinion piece, “Let’s Start Paying College Athletes.” Nocera argued that the current system, in which student-athletes are forbidden from accepting payment of any kind under NCAA rules, “enables misconduct to flourish” because players feel that the universities, conferences, and NCAA are taking advantage of their skills. Unlike most intercollegiate sports, the columnist said, college football and men’s basketball are a big business, with sometimes millions of dollars paid to coaches and billions paid for advertising on televised tournaments. Nocera notes that “having universities in […]

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