Paul Gross

Michigan’s Extreme Weather

by Kasie Pleiness August 6, 2015

Left without power by a large storm that rolled through Michigan late Sunday night, I found myself in a dark and increasingly humid house. Having spent Sunday afternoon kayaking the Huron, it struck me how suddenly the weather had turned. When Monday morning rolled around, I was still power-less, yet neither the sky nor the temperature showed any indication of the previous night’s storm. If you grew up in the state of Michigan, you’re no stranger to the joke “Don’t like the weather in Michigan? Wait ten minutes.” You’ve heard horror stories about lake effect snow in West Michigan and […]

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Snow in April? Author Paul Gross tells us why Michigan weather is wacky

by Heather Newman April 18, 2011

A week ago, it was 80 degrees in Michigan. Today, it’s snowing, with actual accumulation in some places. What gives? We turned to WDIV-TV meteorologist Paul Gross, author of Extreme Michigan Weather: The Wild World of the Great Lakes State, for help. “As much as people don’t like the snow, we do get snow in April,” he said. “Almost every day during the last half of the month has had at least some snow in the past, including many with record snowfall over an inch. We’ve also had a few May days with snow that had to be shoveled. “The […]

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Paul Gross, author of ‘Extreme Michigan Weather,’ reports on Michigan tornadoes

by Heather Newman June 10, 2010

Meteorologist Paul Gross of WDIV-TV (NBC Channel 4 in Detroit) spent the week reporting on the tornadoes that touched down across the state, including the one that wreaked havoc in Dundee. Paul is the author of the new book Extreme Michigan Weather.

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Michigan tornadoes strike again; UM Press posts free book excerpt on the storms

by Heather Newman June 8, 2010

This weekend, three tornadoes touched down in southeast Michigan: one in Lenawee County and two in Monroe County, leaving four thousand people in Dundee without power well into Monday.
The University of Michigan Press has posted an excerpt from the new book Extreme Michigan Weather on our site for anyone interested in learning more about Michigan tornadoes. The book, written by WDIV-TV meteorologist Paul Gross (that’s the NBC affiliate in Detroit), is due to debut on Father’s Day.

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