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Sandhill Cranes: Tastes Like Pork?

by Emily March 13, 2012

Guest blogger Dennis Wild is the author of the newly published The Double-Crested Cormorant: Symbol of Ecological Conflict, which tells how, after cormorant populations rebounded from near-extinction driven by DDT contamination, these amazing birds were persecuted throughout their entire range  because of their perceived threat to American fishing interests. Today’s double-crested cormorants face the challenge of being referred to as “overabundant.” Their numbers had been so low for so long that more than one human generation grew up never seeing large gatherings of cormorants, either at their breeding grounds on the Great Lakes and other northern areas or favorite wintering quarters […]

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Press author Sara Fitzgerald and the subject of her award-winning biography, Elly Peterson, offer insights into how Mitt Romney’s mother’s 1970 Senate run influenced him in today’s New York Times

by Emily February 24, 2012

In a front-page article, The New York Times examines Lenore Romney—former First Lady of Michigan, and mother to Mitt—and explores how her experiences, views, and personality traits helped shape the current candidate for the Republican presidential nomination. In doing so, the Times looks to Elly Peterson, one of the highest-ranking women in the Republican Party and a confidante to both Lenore and Governor George Romney, and the subject of the 2012 Michigan Notable Book award-winning biography Elly Peterson: “Mother” of the Moderates by Sara Fitzgerald. The Times quotes both Fitzgerald and Peterson, who passed away in 2008. A dedicated supporter […]

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Sydney Lea selected to be Poet Laureate of Vermont

by Trade Marketing October 31, 2011

Sydney “Syd” Lea, author of a forthcoming book from University of Michigan Press titled A Hundred Himalayas, has been selected Poet Laureate of Vermont by Governer Peter Shumlin. A public ceremony honoring Lea will be held on November 4 at the Capital Plaza Hotel in Montpelier. Long a professor on the graduate faculty at Dartmouth, Lea has published extensively, in multiple genres, in a wide variety of places, including the New Yorker, The New Republic, and the New York Times. Among very many distinctions, he is the founder of the New England Review; he was a panelist in 2008 for the […]

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