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Emily Wilding Davison and the British Women’s Suffragette Movement

by Kasie Pleiness November 19, 2015

Suffragette, starring Carey Mulligan and Meryl Streep, is a British historical drama inspired by true events from the early British feminist movement. The film focuses on Maud Watts, a fictional 24-year-old laundress who testifies in front of Parliament for the right to vote. She is thrown in jail, where she meets Emily Wilding Davison, a real life heroine of the early feminist movement and friend of activist Emmeline Pankhurst. Davison was at the center of one of the most memorable images of the British women’s suffrage movement — one that provides a key moment in the new film. On June […]

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Three Press Titles Included in Knowledge Unlatched Pilot Collection

by Meredith Kahn October 9, 2013

Knowledge Unlatched–a project to fund open access monographs in the humanities and social sciences published by academic presses—has released its pilot collection, twenty-eight new books from thirteen presses. The University of Michigan Press is excited to participate in this project, with the inclusion of three titles: Law, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Terrorism, Roger Douglas Roger Douglas compares responses to terrorism by five liberal democracies—the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand—over the past 15 years. He examines each nation’s development and implementation of counterterrorism law, specifically in the areas of information-gathering, the definition of terrorist offenses, […]

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‘Coalition Politics’ author Juliet Kaarbo testifies on Scottish Independence

by Phillip Witteveen February 1, 2013

Juliet Kaarbo, author of Coalition Politics and Cabinet Decision Making, testified to the British Parliament on the subject of Scottish independence earlier this month. Kaarbo, senior lecturer at the University of Edinburgh specializing in foreign policy, shared her insights on potentially shaping Scotland’s role as a small sovereign state divorced from the United Kingdom, in light of the governing Scottish National Party’s platform of Scottish statehood. The testimony was mostly directed at understanding what Scotland stands to lose if they take what is now 8% of the United Kingdom’s population under their own rule. “Small states,” said Kaarbo, “by definition, have […]

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‘Coalition Politics’ author Juliet Kaarbo on Scottish independence

by Shaun Manning October 26, 2012

Juliet Kaarbo, author of Coalition Politics and Cabinet Decision Making: A Comparative Analysis of Foreign Policy Choices, recently spoke at a conference in Edinburgh debating the issues surrounding the possibility of Scotland breaking away from the United Kingdom. Though Scotland gained its own Parliament in 1999 along with some “devolved” powers of state, the question of full independence remains a thorny issue. The Scottish National Party, lead by First Minister Alex Salmond, came to power in 2007 on a promise to hold a referendum independence, though the government has not yet been able to deliver. At “A Question of Independence: Scotland’s […]

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British Press Adores ‘First Actresses’ Exhibition

by Shaun Manning November 22, 2011

The First Actresses, an exhibition at London’s National Portrait Gallery celebrating the first women to take to the stage in Britain following the Restoration in 1660, has set tongues wagging in the major UK newspapers. Focusing largely on two portraits of Nell Gwynn, an actress and mistress of King Charles II, The Times, The Sunday Times, and The Daily Telegraph have all weighed in with praise for the exhibition. From The Times (subscription required): From Lely to Lawrence, the leading artists of the day took them into their studios, the singers and dancers as well as the actresses, there to […]

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