UMP to make Open Access books available on JSTOR

by Charles Watkinson October 6, 2016

In late October 2016 JSTOR will be launching an Open Access program, with titles from University of California Press, UCL Press, University of Michigan Press, and Cornell University Press. University of Michigan Press believes that integrating Open Access monographs with other types of content on JSTOR’s highly used platform, and making records available in library catalogs and discovery services, will increase the usage and impact of these resources. In addition, long-term preservation of the Open Access titles is assured by Portico. “The titles we will initially be including in JSTOR Open are those that libraries participating in the Knowledge Unlatched […]

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10 Years of Keith Folse’s “Vocabulary Myths”

by Claudia Leo July 16, 2014

The first in a series of posts about this book’s influence on the field of ELT By Kelly Sippell, Executive Acquisitions Editor and ELT Manager, University of Michigan Press Since Vocabulary Myths by Keith Folse burst onto the ELT market in 2004, many cool things have happened. One consequence was the birth of a series of Myths books: First, Writing Myths in 2008 (Reid), followed by Listening Myths (Brown, 2011), Second Language Acquisition Myths (Brown and Larson-Hall, 2012), and most recently, Pronunciation Myths (Grant, 2014). (Three more are under contract.) People who are familiar with the series know that the […]

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Theater scholar Herb Blau passes away

by Shaun Manning May 8, 2013

The University of Michigan Press mourns the passing of theater scholar, theoretician and director Herbert Blau (1926-2013). Blau was known as the leading American interpreter of the works of Samuel Beckett and was instrumental in introducing works of the European avant-garde to American audiences. Blau co-founded The Actor’s Workshop in San Francisco from 1952 to 1965; co-directed the Repertory Theater of Lincoln Center in New York (1965-68), and was founding provost and dean of the theater program at California Institute for the Arts and founder of the experimental group KRAKEN (1968-81). He served on the faculty at San Francisco State […]

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Hemenway continues to be a leading voice on gun violence

by Shaun Manning April 3, 2013

David Hemenway, author of the 2007 book Private Guns, Public Health, [editor’s note: now in a new edition]will speak next week at a symposium held by Massachusetts State Senator Katherine Clark discussing gun violence. Since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, Dr. Hemenway’s book has been regularly cited for its statistical data on the effects of guns in a community and the author himself has been sought for his views on responsible policy. Following the announcement that legislation before the Senate would not include an assault weapons ban, Dr. Hemenway participated in a roundtable discussion on Al Jazeera English, where […]

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Ruby Cohn, renowned theater and Beckett scholar and UM Press author, dies at 89

by University of Michigan Press October 25, 2011

Ruby Cohn, renowned theater scholar and specialist on the work of Samuel Beckett, died in Oakland, California on October 18 at the age of 89. Cohn was the author of many influential books, including A Beckett Canon, published by the University of Michigan Press in 2001. The obituary below is excerpted from a longer version by her former student Elin Diamond, Professor of English at Rutgers University. See the New York Times obit here. Ruby Cohn was Professor of Comparative Drama at the University of California, Davis where, for thirty years, she was a member of the Comparative Literature, Theater, […]

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