U-M Press Ebook Accessibility Working Group Annual Report

by Charles Watkinson August 9, 2017

U-M Press’ EBook Accessibility Working Group continues to make progress towards increasing the accessibility of the Press’ digital content and user experience. During the last year the group, working with authors and Press editors, created 4 fully-accessible titles (which includes alternative text and long descriptions of all images in the narrative) in the Press’ Corporealities: Discourses of Disability Book Series. The Working Group continues to evaluate and iterate upon the Press’ existing production workflows to make the creation of accessible EBooks an efficient process that can be extended to all U-M Press titles in the future. In addition to its work […]

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UM Press launches ebook rental program

by Heather Newman August 23, 2010

The University of Michigan Press announced today that it launched a new ebook rental program for more than 250 of its scholarly titles, allowing students or faculty to rent digital copies of the books at a discount for a month or six months. “The University of Michigan Press is committed to providing our titles in every format people would like to use, and to keeping readers’ costs down wherever possible,” said Karen Hill, Assistant Director and Digital Manager for the Press. “We expect that the lower rental prices will be a special help for students and faculty who only need […]

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University of Michigan Press Ready for eBooks on the Apple iPad Tablet, Microsoft Surface

by kris bishop January 27, 2010

Apple announces their newest hi-tech device today: a tablet touch-screen computer similar to a very large iTouch. Microsoft has responded with its own version of a new touch-screen device: the Microsoft Surface. As the eBook market picks up, this next step in user interface evolution will no doubt promote even larger readership than currently exists for eBooks and digital editions, including many new advances in interactivity and embedded media. This reflects the University of Michigan Press’ ongoing mission to use the best emerging technology to disseminate information as freely and widely as possible while preserving the integrity of published scholarship, […]

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University Press 2.0 by Phil Pochoda

by University of Michigan Press May 27, 2009

The following essay by Phil Pochoda, Director of University of Michigan Press, was presented recently at a symposium on “Bookishness” organized by the Michigan Quarterly Review. The essay will appear in a somewhat different form in a forthcoming issue of the MQR.

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