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Remembering the 1967 Detroit Riot, part 3: “Serving their interests and needs”

by Brian Matzke July 17, 2017

“Serving their interests and needs”: The failures of Detroit’s public institutions The Rise and Fall of an Urban School System Detroit, 1907-81, Second Edition Jeffrey Mirel Faith in the City Preaching Radical Social Change in Detroit Angela D. Dillard 9226 Kercheval The Storefront that Did Not Burn, With a New Preface Nancy Milio Grit, Noise, and Revolution The Birth of Detroit Rock ‘n’ Roll David A. Carson Right up until the riot, Mayor Jerome Cavanagh and other city officials promoted Detroit as a “model city” for urban renewal and positive race relations. But beneath the surface, demographic changes were undermining […]

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Local paper asks Dr. David Loxterkamp ‘What Matters in Medicine’

by Shaun Manning April 19, 2013

Local newspaper Penobscot Bay Pilot interviewed David Loxterkamp, MD, on his recently-released book What Matters in Medicine: Lessons from a Life in Primary Care and about his 30 years as a family practice physician in Belfast, Maine. Dr. Loxterkamp noted that currently most doctors do not live in the community where they practice. “They don’t want patients to run into them at the YMCA or the grocery store. They like that separation.” But, he told the Pilot, “For me and for many primary care physicians immersion in the community is how we work. The community is a resource for us, not […]

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