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Kristin Goss Featured on “New Books in Political Science”

by Phillip Witteveen March 24, 2014

Kristin Goss recently appeared on the New Books in Political Science podcast, where she discussed her book The Paradox of Gender Equality. Her monograph is an examination of “women’s civic place” during 120 years of historical change. From the late 19th century, to the present day, Goss considers the evolution of women’s public interests—and the parallel evolution of “women’s presence on Capitol Hill”. “You didn’t pull off a little project,” says host Heath Brown, “this is a big project.” To break it down, Goss recounted two stories from Paradox, which capture the main argument of the book. The first took place in the wake of the Second World […]

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Lynda Powell discusses campaign finance in the Washington Post

by Shaun Manning November 6, 2013

Lynda Powell, who was recently awarded the prestigious Richard J. Fenno Jr. prize from the American Political Science Association (APSA) for her book The Influence of Campaign Contributions in State Legislatures, contributed an editorial to the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage blog ahead of Tuesday’s elections. In her post, Powell notes that campaign contributions do not have a clear effect on state legislators’ votes on a particular bill, as lawmakers decide primarily on “ideology, partisanship and constituency interests,” but money nevertheless plays a role in shaping the language of a bill. “Members have many opportunities, especially in the committee process, to structure […]

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From the Vault: 1971 Press Publication Wonders If We Can Escape 1984

by Mikala Carpenter July 15, 2013

Our “From the Vault” posts allow you to take a peek into the history of the Press, where you can rediscover past authors, projects, editors, awards, and more that led to the development of the university publisher that the Press is today. This window into our past spotlights backlist or out-of-print titles and series and also recommends and contextualizes them with similar current and forthcoming titles. Explore the drawers of the Vault with our intern, Mikala Carpenter, as we uncover the hidden treasures that await us in the archives of the University of Michigan Press. In 1949, George Orwell anticipated […]

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Hemenway continues to be a leading voice on gun violence

by Shaun Manning April 3, 2013

David Hemenway, author of the 2007 book Private Guns, Public Health, [editor’s note: now in a new edition]will speak next week at a symposium held by Massachusetts State Senator Katherine Clark discussing gun violence. Since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, Dr. Hemenway’s book has been regularly cited for its statistical data on the effects of guns in a community and the author himself has been sought for his views on responsible policy. Following the announcement that legislation before the Senate would not include an assault weapons ban, Dr. Hemenway participated in a roundtable discussion on Al Jazeera English, where […]

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Q&A with Jennifer Gabrys, author of Digital Rubbish

by University of Michigan Press July 5, 2011

Digital Rubbish: A Natural History of Electronics describes the materiality of electronics from a unique perspective, examining the multiple forms of waste that electronics create as evidence of the resources, labor, and imaginaries that are bundled into these machines. By drawing on the material analysis developed by Walter Benjamin, this natural history method allows for an inquiry into electronics that focuses neither on technological progression nor on great inventors but rather considers the ways in which electronic technologies fail and decay. Ranging across studies of media and technology, as well as environments, geography, and design, Jennifer Gabrys pulls together the […]

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