Peter Alegi discusses the legacy of ‘Africa’s World Cup’ on New Books in Sports

by Phillip Witteveen September 17, 2013

Peter Alegi appeared on New Books in Sports to discuss Africa’s World Cup: Critical Reflections on Play, Patriotism, Spectatorship, and Space. Co-edited with Chris Bolsmann, Africa’s World Cup is a collection of essays, travelogues and ethnographies that attempt to get a better grasp of the further-reaching cultural and political implications of the historic 2010 FIFA tournament. Alegi, who is originally from Rome, drew parallels to the ancient Roman ideology of “bread and circus,”  those things needed to appease the populace, as “the first politicization of sports.” “Politicians all over the African continent  (particularly after independence which for most countries in Africa, came […]

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World Cup Spotlight: South Africa

by University of Michigan Press June 16, 2010

The 2010 FIFA World Cup is the 19th and current FIFA World Cup, the premier international association football tournament. It is being held in South Africa, beginning on 11 June and scheduled to conclude on 11 July 2010, matching the 2008 Summer Olympics as the sports event with the most competing nations. The final is forecast to be among the most-watched events ever, possibly behind only the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games. This is also the first time that the tournament has been hosted by an African nation, after South Africa defeated Morocco and Egypt in an all-African […]

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