Author Dissects Middle East’s Turko-Persian Future in Article

by Trade Marketing February 1, 2011

Mohammed Ayoob, author of The Many Faces of Political Islam: Religion and Politics in the Muslim World, continues to enlighten readers of the Middle East’s political changes in an article published by Foreign Policy, in which the distinguished University professor argues that the “Middle East seems to be inexorably heading toward a Turko-Persian future.” In his book Faces of Political Islam, Ayoob offers a lucid, comprehensive examination of the true relationship between Islam and  global politics. Analysts and pundits from across the American political spectrum describe Islamic fundamentalism as one of the greatest threats to modern, Western-style democracy. Yet very […]

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France to Vote on Ban of Islamic Full Veil in Public: Prominent Turkish Sociologist Examines Veiling of University Women

by University of Michigan Press July 12, 2010

As France’s Lower House of Parliament prepares to vote on a controversial bill that would ban the wearing of the full Islamic veil in public, check out University of Michigan Press title The Forbidden Modern: Civilization and Veiling, (Paperback ISBN: 978-0-472-06630-8) by prominent Turkish sociologist Nilufer Gole, who examines the veiling of young university women and the cultural cleavages between the Islamic and Western worlds. Nilüfer Göle examines the complex relationships among modernity, religion, and gender relations in the Middle East. Her focus is on the factors that influence young women pursuing university educations in Turkey to adopt seemingly fundamentalist […]

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