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“Lead Burrito” Roman Tomb Find By UM Press Authors Could Contain Body of Gladiator or Christian Dignitary

by kris bishop April 6, 2010

Published: National, Christine Dell’Amore, March 29, 2010. A 1,700-year-old sarcophagus found in an abandoned city near Rome could contain the body of a gladiator or a Christian dignitary, say archaeologists who are preparing to examine the coffin in the lab. Found in a cement-capped pit in the ancient metropolis of Gabii, the coffin is unusual because it’s made of lead—only a few hundred such Roman burials are known. Even odder, the 800 pounds (362 kilograms) of lead fold over the corpse like a burrito, said Roman archaeologist Jeffrey Becker [co-editor with Nicola Terranato of upcoming UMP release Roman Republican […]

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