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Christian S. Davis offers a past and present look at military actions abroad

by Emily February 23, 2012

Guest blogger Christian S. Davis is the author of Colonialism, Antisemitism, and Germans of Jewish Descent in Imperial Germany, available now from the University of Michigan Press. In his book, Davis explores the relationship between the colonial and antisemitic movements of modern Germany from 1871 to 1918. Here, he discusses the unease he felt when comparing his research to current events that were unfolding as he was writing. The spring of 2004 was a disheartening time to read a newspaper or to watch the news on TV; beginning in April, revelations concerning the torture of Iraqi prisoners by U.S. military […]

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“Lost Eagles” Makes List of Top 50 Books on the Great War

by Shaun Manning November 16, 2011

Blaine Pardoe’s Lost Eagles: One Man’s Mission to Find Missing Airmen in Two World Wars (University of Michigan Press, 2010) is among the top 50 entries on the Great War Essential Reading List. The list, which includes listings for and discussions of more than 1200 titles, featured Lost Eagles on its Facebook page counting down the best of the best titles on World War I from its exhaustive registry. Pardoe’s biography of Frederick Zinn details how Zinn developed a system for determining the fates of air force pilots shot down behind enemy lines, a system that has continued from its […]

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‘Lost Eagles’ author Blaine Pardoe honors Pearl Harbor at UM Press event

by Trade Marketing November 30, 2010

An airman, veteran and hero, Frederick Zinn is the focus of military historian Blaine Pardoe’s latest book, “Lost Eagles: One Man’s Mission to Find Missing Airmen in Two World Wars.” In a special event hosted by the University of Michigan Press Author Series on Tuesday, December 7th, Pardoe honors Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day by celebrating the late Michigan hero and discussing the book. Blaine Pardoe weaves together the complex story of a man who brought peace and closure to countless families who lost airmen during both world wars. His lasting contribution to warfare was a combination of his methodology for locating the […]

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“Lost Eagles” Author Blaine Pardoe Honors Admirable U-M Alumnus in Book

by Trade Marketing November 10, 2010

Blaine Pardoe, author of the new book Lost Eagles: One Man’s Mission to Find Missing Airmen in Two World Wars, explains his growing interest in the inspirational story of an unrecognized war hero: Fred Zinn. “When I was working on Terror of the Autumn Skies, the story of Frank Luke Jr., I started coming across references to Frederick W. Zinn.  I was intrigued because he seemed to be involved with the recovery of missing airmen which was fascinating, mostly because at the time I didn’t know anything about it.  When I found out he was from Battle Creek/Galesburg I was […]

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‘Lost Eagles’ author: Arlington Cemetery mixup part of problem dating back to WWI

by Heather Newman June 17, 2010

Blaine Pardoe, author of dozens of military novels and the upcoming Lost Eagles: One Man’s Mission to Find Missing Airmen in Two World Wars, comments on the news that hundreds of veterans’ remains have been misplaced by Arlington National Cemetery: “The recent revelations about the handling of veterans remains at Arlington National Cemetery have captivated the country. There are many reasons this has caught such national attention – mostly because it seems that we, as a people, should be better equipped to deal with our most honored dead. “The reality is, however, this has happened before.

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